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51+ Networking Mistakes by Bart Smith & Noa Schecter


What if you wrote a FAST BOOK listing the top 10-21 (or more) mistakes, FAQ’s or regrets people make/have in your field of expertise, industry and/or passion?

Why is this a GREAT IDEA? Because this kind of book can be WRITTEN FAST (in 2-3 weeks). These books are generally 25-125 pages or so in length making them a fast read, they GO TO PRINT in 3-4 WEEKS (not months) and they’re cheap to print with large profit margins. Boiled down, I like these books because of these benefits too:

• Promote your company and/or services with ease …
• Easily find, attract and impress potential clients …
• Get interviewed on TV, radio and podcasts for exposure …
• Easily create workshops, classes, seminars & webinars …
• Make extra $$$$$ from book, eBook and audio sales …
• All of the above help grow your list + income potential …

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Why should I write a mistakes, FAQ or regrets concept book?

The truth is, people don’t read much any more. That is, unless what they’re ready can really entertain them or get right to the heart of the matter and tell them what to look out for. What kinds of mistakes, frequently asked questions, regrets and/or other important experiences can they learn from so they don’t lose time and/or money in their life/business?

So, to meet this need, I like (to write) these quick books that discuss a list of mistakes, most frequently asked questions, or a list of regrets people should avoid. Quick and simple, eh? Another reason to write a book like this is that they’re fast to write, cheap to print, quick to publish, easy to sell and create other opportunities to help promote what you do via interviews, speaking, classes, audio recordings, podcast shows, etc. 

What does a mistakes or regrets book look like and how many mistakes or regrets can you write about?

On this website, there are two “MISTAKES” books showcased. They are 51+ Networking Mistakes and 150+ Mistakes Coaches Make. As you can see, one talks about 51+ mistakes people when they go out networking with others, and the other, 150+ mistakes coaches make in their coaching business.

Using a numbers like 21, 51+, 101, etc., they make it simple to get started writing such a book like this. If you have more or less that’s okay. List what you have! 

Does it have to be a mistakes/regrets concept book?

Not at all, but these are the easiest to write and get published quickly. They’re almost like articles that you expand upon to give the reader a few more nuggets of information that you would in a basic article on a blog website.

You can choose another word like “REGRETS” or keep it “SIMPLE” by listing 3 (more or less) simple (______) (i.e., tactics, tips, techniques, etc.) with whatever it is that relates to your expertise, passion, industry, profession, etc.

We can discuss all this when you contact my office.

Does it have to be a paperback book or can it be an eBook or both?

It can be both or one or the other. It’s all up to you and your budget. If you just wanted a paperback book, hey, let’s do that. If you wanted to have a paperback book and then convert it to an eBook after the paperback was done an in hand, that’s okay too.

Again, we can discuss all this when we talk

What's the average page count for books like these?

The average page count for books like these runs between 35-125 pages, including any front/back page copy. Your book can be any length depending on the amount of content you have to discuss in your book. The shorter (page count) the better, of course.

We recommend you keep the page count to under 120 pages so you keep the cost for each book down and get to the printer fast!

I have a book idea, but does it qualify as a fast book in your opinion? Can you work with me?

We can evaluate your fast book to see if it is something we can work on and complete for you within our “fast book” time frame. Because today’s reader doesn’t like to read thick books, we prefer to publish thin ones with as few pages as possible. This enables us to publish your book fast and keep costs down for you on the production/editing side.

Can you help me write the book so it can get done faster?

Absolutely. Contact my office so we can discuss what you have in mind for a topic for your fast book.

After we talk, we can let you know if your topic is one we can write for you “really fast!” what we’d do is do all the research online for your mistakes/regrets book, then present you with a proof of your book as if it was ready to go to the printer.

If you approve of the content, with a few additions/corrections/edits by you, then we’re ready to send it to the printer to get a proof copy in hand.

What do I get with your fast book publishing services?

You get all of these services for the price you pay for your mini-book to be published:

• Book topic/idea brainstorming session …
• Editing / proofing before going to print …
• Ability to order and ship copies of your book to anyone 24/7 …
• Professional book interior layout design …
• Professional book cover design …
• Book cover poster and business card designs …

• Book launch party and marketing checklist …

A book like this is perfect for anyone who needs more business!!!

How do I get started and how much does it cost?

Costs vary depending on if we do the ghostwriting for you or you do it and just submit to us your content for layout purposes for the printer. After we determine that aspect, we’ll discuss creating a cover for you (front/back/spine) and any other services we might offer you, such as, editing, consulting, etc. Keep in mind, the shorter, page-count that is, the better and the lower the price.

I’m the author of 18+ self-published books with more on the way. In my experience over the years, I’ve found myself writing books faster and faster.

Many of my books are now written in 30-90 days and some within 1-3 weeks! That’s how fast they get written, covers designed, edited, and go to the printer. I wrote, photographed food/beverages, and laid my cookbook out of the printer in in 45 days for example.

Books by Bart Smith (

So, it hit me! Why not introduce this fast book writing strategy to any one who wants to write a self-help, non-fiction book or who struggles to finish a book? This is a great book-writing strategy to consider.

Also, because people don’t read books as much as they used to, that’s not why I write my books. I write books to get interviewed, get exposure, to record them for extra income, create classes/workshops out of them, and to increase my credibility 10-fold so I can increase my fees helping me make more money. DUH! Who doesn’t want that?

If you want what I want, and you want to write a fast book like me, and you want my help, then, contact me and let’s get you started!

If you would like my help publishing a book in the manner I talk about above, then contact my office so we can discuss how I can possibly help you. Provide me your telephone number below and some details about your book and we’ll start the discussion over the telephone.

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